How We Manage Your Portfolio in a Smart Way

You may be a private landlord who manages your rental property by yourself and feels overwhelmed by the extensive tasks of dealing with tenants. Perhaps you’ve used one or more property management agents or agencies before but were dissatisfied with their service, as your investment property was just one of many in their portfolios. You might have even faced challenges reaching your property manager until they finally contacted you.

At Climber Property, we deeply understand that each landlord is a unique and significant client, with diverse needs and expectations. Our revolutionary journey began with a simple question: How can we solve all these problems?

Unveiling the need for change

Having specialised in residential property management since 2008 (formerly Gralin Property Management North & West Offices), we are well aware that one individual property manager often handles more than a hundred portfolios. However, relying solely on one individual property manager to handle everything can impact how well your portfolios are looked after. Any mistakes or oversights can result in underestimated losses.

We have also heard countless unsatisfactory experiences between landlords and their property management companies. With relatively low entry barriers to the property management industry in New Zealand, where the good and bad are intermingled, finding the best one for your needs can be challenging.

As property investors ourselves, we understand that landlords always expect steady asset appreciation and returns. Recognising the opportunity to confront these challenges head-on, we have innovated a more standardised and regulated procedure.

A call for innovation

Faced with the risks entrenched in the traditional industry, Climber Property embarked on a journey of innovation for higher efficiency and transparency. Unlike the traditional model, we have created an innovative structure for success.

We have strategically split the responsibilities into eight crucial roles, each contributing to a better way of managing your property.

  • Client Success: This dedicated go-to person provides professional and attentive client service, ensuring your growth in return. 
  • Letting: We conduct three open homes per week and perform immediate tenant checks to maximise your return on investment.
  • Inspection: We conduct comprehensive routine inspections, as well as entry and exit inspections every three months or as per landlords’ requests.
  • Maintenance: We transparently handle all repair requests through our reporting system, Tapi, accurately determining responsibility. We focus on long-term home maintenance for sustainable investment returns.
  • Tenancy Management: Our Tenancy Manager, along with external experts and legal advisors, addresses any tenancy-related matters or disputes, serving as a go-to resource for tenants.
  • Rent & Water: We provide real-time rent tracking, strict daily arrears control, and hassle-free management of water bills.
  • Marketing: We deliver high-quality portfolio photos and strategically grow the Climber Property brand.
  • Accounts: We ensure transparent and timely payment transactions to landlords, providing clarity on all financial matters.

For you, our valued landlord, all you need to do is contact our Client Success Manager whenever you have any requests, who will collaborate with the entire team behind the scenes to handle all the tasks and ensure everything is sorted for you. 

With each staff member dedicated to their own area, our team is highly trained and specialised in their roles to deliver optimum performance and results.

Hassle-free property management

With a clear company structure and team collaboration, we have received positive feedback from previous and new landlords who have experienced our stress-free property management. Our standardised operating procedures ensure that our services are not reliant on the ability of just one individual property manager. We are proud of our team – together we embody the Climber Spirit of bravely facing challenges and continuously pursuing progress.

We understand that managing a property can be time-consuming and stressful. That’s why you need to have us to provide you with a hassle-free property management experience. Contact us now to minimise the time you spend thinking about and dealing with your investment property, maximise your earnings and provide your tenants with a comfortable home.

With us, you’re ahead. 


Expertise and lived experience underpin the Climber Property business. We aren’t shy about our skills and knowledge, in fact we like to share so that you can learn alongside us.

This blog includes articles about property management best practice, tips for landlords and rental tenants, and our tenant of the month announcements.

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Having specialised in residential property management since 2008, Climber serves as the bridge between the tenant and the landlord. We understand tenants are the bedrock of our business. Our goal is to help you enjoy a smooth and hassle-free tenancy experience while ensuring that your landlord’s property is well-maintained.

We genuinely care about your enquiries because we recognise that they reflect the condition of the property. By paying attention to your needs, we are also prioritising the well-being of the property owners. This approach allows Climber to build a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship between landlords and tenants.

We understand the frustration that arises when you are unable to reach your property manager. That’s why our Tenancy Manager is here to promptly resolve tenancy-related issues you may encounter.

Looking for a new home?

Whether you are seeking a new home for yourself, your family, or friends, you can easily find your ideal home on our listing page. Browse through all our rental listings and check the viewing times to book a hassle-free viewing.

When you come to an open home, our letting team will be there to answer your questions, showcase the property, and determine its suitability for your needs. We hold open homes three times a week and strive to find the perfect match for you.

After submitting your rental application, we conduct immediate tenant checks if you are selected. Our Tenancy Manager will remain your primary point of contact throughout your tenancy.

Experience good communication throughout your tenancy.

Regular inspections are typically conducted every three months to identify any maintenance or repair issues, except for special circumstances. We will visit your rental property on a pre-agreed date, with our Inspection Specialist providing you with at least 48 hours’ notice beforehand.

If you encounter any repair or maintenance issues, you can easily book a repair through Tapi, an easy and smart maintenance tracker software available 24/7. It allows you to quickly submit written requests along with accompanying photos or videos, enabling us to arrange for repairs promptly. Records of repairs are stored, providing easy access for you, the landlord, and us.

For enquiries or concerns regarding payments, arrears, or repayment plans, you can directly contact our Business Support team.

Taking care of you.

With each staff member dedicated to their specific area, our team is highly trained and specialised in their roles to support you throughout your tenancy with dedicated property management expertise. We regularly share helpful tips on how to make your home warmer, more convenient, and an overall great place to live. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated.

If you’re not satisfied with our service, please send an email to us at [email protected], and we will hear what you say and find a resolution within one working day.

At Climber Property, we strive to make renting with us a breeze. Book a viewing now, and we eagerly look forward to welcoming you into our Climber community.

A big congrats to Youngkook Maeng’s family for being named our Tenant of the Month for June!

Originally from South Korea, Youngkook’s family has demonstrated an extraordinary level of care and devotion towards their home. We love that they create a harmonious environment for the rental house that emphasizes love, care and beautiful living spaces. Youngkook’s family is always polite, and communication between us is always smooth. They have shown consistent dedication towards maintaining the home’s aesthetics, cleanliness, and overall well-being. Their attention to detail and proactive approach to promptly addressing any maintenance issues are truly commendable. We are grateful to have them as our valued tenants.

Congratulations to Angelyn Mangkit’s family for being our Tenant of the Month for May. Angelyn and her family have been living at our property in Mount Eden since 2017, and they have truly made it their own cosy home.

Angelyn’s family stands out as a responsible tenant household, promptly reporting maintenance issues and actively assisting in their resolution. They diligently maintain the house, ensuring it is always clean and tidy, and they make timely payments. We are incredibly fortunate to have such outstanding tenants like Angelyn’s family, who bring warmth and positivity to our rental community.

We’re delighted to recognise Jordan, Laura, and Sage (furry friend) as April tenant of the month for their outstanding tenancy over the past two years. Not only do they keep the inside of their property immaculate, but they’ve also transformed the outside into a thriving vegetable and organic garden paradise – yum!

We’re especially impressed with Sage, their well-mannered Labrador cross. She is a testament to the fact that tenants with pets can be some of the best tenants you could ever wish for. Congratulations on being our Tenant of the Month for April. Please enjoy your gift card as a small token of our appreciation!

Congratulations to Fengqi Guo’s family for being named our Tenant of the Month for March. Originally from China, the Guo family has been living at our property in north-eastern Hamilton for almost one and a half years.

We still remember when Guo’s family first arrived in New Zealand and, as new migrants, faced the challenge of finding a suitable home in a foreign country. After an extensive search of our portfolio, our Hamilton team found a comfortable and clean home for them and helped them understand the tenancy agreement and local rental regulations hand in hand.

It is amazing for us to see the Guo family gradually adapt to their new life and establish good relationships with their neighbours in New Zealand. They treat the rental property as their own and always maintain the house in good condition. Recently, this family joyfully welcomed their second child, and we are pleased to have witnessed their family’s growth and happiness. We are proud to have helped families like the Guos settle in New Zealand by delivering a safe and comfortable home for our tenants, as always.

We are thrilled to announce that our Tenant of the Month for February is the Rie family! Rie and her family have lived in the current apartment for more than one year and have kept it in excellent condition.

Throughout their tenancy, the Rie family has been incredibly cooperative and responsive to our requests. Communication with them has been effortless, and they have never missed a rent or water payment. Rie’s family is courteous and considerate, and with their lovely daughter this rental property is a wonderful place to call home. Congratulations on being our Tenant of the Month for February!

We would like to recognise Shane and his family for being such great tenants and always taking good care of the property.

Congratulations Shane for being the winner of our January Tenant of the Month! Not only has Shane always paid his rent on time and been great at communicating with us, he has also acted above and beyond during the recent storms in Auckland. He acted quickly to reduce the impact of the rain on the guttering and has undoubtedly helped limit the damage and therefore the repair costs to the landlord. His proactive efforts made everything so much easier for all involved. Congrats again and we hope Shane and his family continue to stay safe and sound.

A big congrats to our December Tenant of the Month Aisha Tuhua! Aisha and her family have been living at their current house in Glen Eden since the end of 2021 and we love that they keep the house in excellent condition.

Easy to deal with, Aisha always maintains good communication with our property manager and is super respectful and kind natured. We’d like to thanks Aisha and her family for being such great tenants. Congratulations for being our Tenant of the Month for December!

Congrats! Our November Tenant of the Month is Chongkai Li and Huapeng Zhi! Li’s family are always kind and polite and communication between us is always easy. And of course they are great at paying rent on time.

We love that they treat the rental house as their own and keep the property in excellent condition, both inside and out. They make the routine inspections a pleasure with their warm welcome. We would like to congratulate them on being our Tenant of the Month for November!

We are so delighted to announce George’s family as a Tenant of the Month in October. George was struggling for a long time to find the best house to suit his family. After an extensive search of our portfolio, we found a great home with space for his kids to enjoy and where they have lived happily for nearly two years.

We want to acknowledge George this month for being such a great tenant thanks to his friendly nature and great communication skills which make our relationship more like a friendship. We wish George’s family ongoing happiness in their home.

Congratulations to Jill Edgar and Benjamin Garner for being our Tenant of the Month for September. Originally from the UK, Jill and Ben have been living at the property in west Auckland for three and a half years. They tick all the boxes of what makes a great tenant – immaculate inspections and great to deal with.

Ben and Jill are super easy to communicate with and we love their positive attitude towards renting. They always present the property to immaculate standards and they have truly made their house a home here in NZ.

We’re proud to feature Toni Barker as our Tenant of the Month for August. Toni and her family are excellent tenants and we’re thrilled to have them as part of our community. Toni’s family commenced their tenancy with us in 2019, and they consistently maintain the house with exceptional cleanliness and tidiness (we would rate it as a 6-star!).

Whether you’re searching for an outstanding place to live (just like Toni and her family) or would like more information about our services, feel free to reach out to us at any time!