How We Manage Your Portfolio in a Smart Way

You may be a private landlord who manages your rental property by yourself and feels overwhelmed by the extensive tasks of dealing with tenants. Perhaps you’ve used one or more property management agents or agencies before but were dissatisfied with their service, as your investment property was just one of many in their portfolios. You might have even faced challenges reaching your property manager until they finally contacted you.

At Climber Property, we deeply understand that each landlord is a unique and significant client, with diverse needs and expectations. Our revolutionary journey began with a simple question: How can we solve all these problems?

Unveiling the need for change

Having specialised in residential property management since 2008 (formerly Gralin Property Management North & West Offices), we are well aware that one individual property manager often handles more than a hundred portfolios. However, relying solely on one individual property manager to handle everything can impact how well your portfolios are looked after. Any mistakes or oversights can result in underestimated losses.

We have also heard countless unsatisfactory experiences between landlords and their property management companies. With relatively low entry barriers to the property management industry in New Zealand, where the good and bad are intermingled, finding the best one for your needs can be challenging.

As property investors ourselves, we understand that landlords always expect steady asset appreciation and returns. Recognising the opportunity to confront these challenges head-on, we have innovated a more standardised and regulated procedure.

A call for innovation

Faced with the risks entrenched in the traditional industry, Climber Property embarked on a journey of innovation for higher efficiency and transparency. Unlike the traditional model, we have created an innovative structure for success.

We have strategically split the responsibilities into eight crucial roles, each contributing to a better way of managing your property.

  • Client Success: This dedicated go-to person provides professional and attentive client service, ensuring your growth in return. 
  • Letting: We conduct three open homes per week and perform immediate tenant checks to maximise your return on investment.
  • Inspection: We conduct comprehensive routine inspections, as well as entry and exit inspections every three months or as per landlords’ requests.
  • Maintenance: We transparently handle all repair requests through our reporting system, Tapi, accurately determining responsibility. We focus on long-term home maintenance for sustainable investment returns.
  • Tenancy Management: Our Tenancy Manager, along with external experts and legal advisors, addresses any tenancy-related matters or disputes, serving as a go-to resource for tenants.
  • Rent & Water: We provide real-time rent tracking, strict daily arrears control, and hassle-free management of water bills.
  • Marketing: We deliver high-quality portfolio photos and strategically grow the Climber Property brand.
  • Accounts: We ensure transparent and timely payment transactions to landlords, providing clarity on all financial matters.

For you, our valued landlord, all you need to do is contact our Client Success Manager whenever you have any requests, who will collaborate with the entire team behind the scenes to handle all the tasks and ensure everything is sorted for you. 

With each staff member dedicated to their own area, our team is highly trained and specialised in their roles to deliver optimum performance and results.

Hassle-free property management

With a clear company structure and team collaboration, we have received positive feedback from previous and new landlords who have experienced our stress-free property management. Our standardised operating procedures ensure that our services are not reliant on the ability of just one individual property manager. We are proud of our team – together we embody the Climber Spirit of bravely facing challenges and continuously pursuing progress.

We understand that managing a property can be time-consuming and stressful. That’s why you need to have us to provide you with a hassle-free property management experience. Contact us now to minimise the time you spend thinking about and dealing with your investment property, maximise your earnings and provide your tenants with a comfortable home.

With us, you’re ahead. 

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