Our people

Prashant Jeet

Tenancy Manager

I come from Ba Province, the largest province in Fiji, but Auckland has been my home away from home since 2015. My first name, Prashant, signifies Pacific Ocean, while my last name, Jeet, denotes Victory.

Intelligent, talented and passionate are the three keywords that describe me best. Regardless of the circumstances or the scale of the challenge, I am unwavering in my pursuit of solutions. My passion lies in property management, and I find immense satisfaction in providing landlords with sound advice for maximising their investments and ensuring tenants enjoy a comfortable living environment.

Family is my driving force, and I am always there for them as well as my friends. When I want to unwind, I turn to music, playing the keyboard and singing. Soccer is another pastime I enjoy, along with playing music and swimming.

I deeply appreciate the professionalism and unique structure of our company, which allows each team member to excel in their area of expertise. Currently serving as a Senior Portfolio Manager, I thoroughly enjoy collaborating closely with my colleagues and having their support as we work together.

My firm belief is that success is all about believing in ourselves and that we’re capable of achieving anything we set our minds to.