Great property
management is

Done well, you barely know it’s happening.

Trusted property
since 2008.

Climber Property works to use the best of the “new” without abandoning tried and tested property management principles. Reinventing a longstanding industry is never simple.

As our customer you get streamlined services delivered using the latest technology supported by experienced professionals. 

Ensure a seamless management experience

At Climber, we proactively manage your investment and optimise ROI. We provide comprehensive property management services as well as tailored service based on your requests. Our team is highly trained and specialised in their roles to deliver optimum performance and results at all times.

Expect a smooth
running tenancy

Renting through Climber is a breeze. Our Tenancy Managers support tenants throughout the rental process, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Join our community of happy tenants as we prioritise your comfort and satisfaction.

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Our People

Climber’s team delivers expert property management services within specialist teams. Our knowledgeable and experienced people embody the “Climber Spirit” of facing challenges and also seeking progress.