Tenant of the Month for February 2022

Congratulations to Christheo and Rozaan’s family for being selected as our Tenants of the Month for February. They have resided on our property for over three years, during which time they have built a strong relationship with the landlord and our property manager. They have demonstrated their love for the house by treating it as their own and maintaining it meticulously.

In past years, Christheo and Rozaan have been invaluable in helping the owner and property manager care for the house. They can always let Sam know if there are any problems with the property. Significantly during stormy weather in summer, there was an unexpected leak on the roof. They reported it to us and did what they could to protect the house from further damage, and even that was during the late-night time.

They are a lovely family who always let us feel their love for home. We are honoured to have them as tenants and friends.

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