Our people

Holly Shan

Business Support

I come from Shanghai, a bustling and crowded metropolis in China, but I find great solace in the peaceful and leisurely life of New Zealand. I hold a Master’s degree in History and have gained experience in various fields in both China and New Zealand, including journalism, script editing, program distribution and teaching.

My background as a journalist has instilled in me an enduring willingness to face challenges and continuously learn. Currently, I am working in Business Support, handling tasks such as managing rent arrears, water bills and Chinese copywriting. I enjoy working here not only because it allows me to expand my knowledge and skills, but also because I am fortunate to have wonderful colleagues who are always ready to lend a helping hand.

I firmly believe in living a life guided by principles and honour. There is a Chinese proverb that resonates with me, “A noble person knows what to do and what not to do.” I hold myself and my children to this principle. My two sons are my driving force, and I strive to be there for them as they grow, providing them with an ideal education that will enable them to choose their own future life path.

During my leisure time, I enjoy indulging in books and movies. I consider writing and expressing myself through words as my talent.

When it comes to food, I have a deep appreciation for the rich variety of Chinese cuisine as well as Kiwi-style desserts such as Pavlova and Whittaker’s Chocolate.