Our people

Gabriele Celetti

Letting & Inspection Specialist

I come from the historical city of Udine, in northeastern Italy, in the heart of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. It’s a place woven with a diverse cultural influence, ranging from Venetian Gothic to the Renaissance, which is reflected in the architecture and local customs. My name Gabriele is a nod to an archangel and translates to “God is my strength”. It serves as a beacon of strength and pays homage to my heritage.

I am often described as reliable, which speaks to my consistency and the trust others have in me to follow through with tasks. “Gentle” reflects my approachable and compassionate nature, particularly in my interactions with others. And “thoughtful” captures my inclination to consider the details and feelings in every situation, ensuring that I am attentive and considerate in my actions and decisions.

Collaborating with skilled colleagues and helping tenants to their ideal homes are what I value most at Climber Property. Doing the letting and inspection role is a unique fulfillment in being part of a process that has such an important impact on someone’s life journey. With my background in hospitality and being a people person, I have a solid foundation and practical experience to provide professional services.

To unwind, I cherish the time spent with loved ones, as it recharges me and brings joy to my life. Traveling is another passion of mine, as it offers new experiences and perspectives enriching my life. Baking allows me a creative outlet, and the focus it demands is a form of meditation for me. Lastly, jogging not only as physical exercise but also as a mental refresh. It helps sweep away the clutter in my mind and keeps me grounded in good health.