Our people

Elsa Sun

Marketing Manager

I am from Jiangsu, located in the highly developed Yangtze Delta region of China. My hometown has 3,200 years of history including the Ruins of Yancheng, a walled city founded over 3,000 years ago.

With marketing qualifications from both China and New Zealand, I am proud to have received scholarships and Top Achiever awards throughout my educational journey. One thing I take pride in is contributing my marketing strategies and proactive client management skills to over 30 New Zealand brands, supporting their growth and development in my previous agency role. At Climber Property, I truly appreciate the people-first approach that underpins our work and I am excited to utilise my expertise to fully establish and grow the brand.

I believe I am reliable, have integrity and kindness. My self-motivation is my fuel, it leaves me constantly striving for personal improvement rather than comparing myself to others.

My English name, Elsa, was inspired by a drama where the actress played a character named Elsa. I found it to be a beautiful name, little did I know it would become so popular because of Disney nowadays.

I enjoy cooking. Huaiyang and Sichuan cuisine are my favourites among the eight main Chinese cuisines. In my leisure time, I regularly go travelling, hiking, and exploring local cuisines.

In life, I believe that God helps those who help themselves, emphasising the importance of personal effort and determination.