Our people

Echo Zhou

Business Development Manager – Hamilton Office

I come from Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan, which is well-known for its Sichuan cuisine, historic places of interest and pandas. It also boasts a combination of contemporary trendy bars and music plazas. I’m a fan of Echo Chen Ping (Sanmao), a famous Chinese writer, that’s why I chose the English name Echo for myself.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Decorative Artistic Design from Chengdu Normal University. After graduating, I worked as a teacher for six months. During that time, it was incredibly fulfilling to establish a deep connection with my students. This experience also helped me become more comfortable with public speaking and to be more outgoing. In my previous role involving investment attraction, I also developed my skills in strategic thinking and excellent communication.

Easy-going, persistent, and good-natured are three words that describe me best. My inner drive motivates me to keep moving forward, and I believe in making a positive impact in the world. “Always be kind” is my guiding principle in life.

As a Business Development Manager at Climber Property, I take pride in confidently representing our company to others and successfully closing sales. The positive working environment also provides me with a strong sense of belonging.

In terms of my personal life, Hot pot (a pot of simmering broth is placed at the center of the dining table, and diners cook a variety of raw ingredients such as thinly sliced meat, vegetables, tofu, and so on in the hot broth) is my favorite thing to eat. Reading books aloud, including novels, poems and scripts, help me relax the most. I also enjoy music and sports, although I don’t exercise as much as I should.