Our people

Chloe Qin

Graphic Designer | Creative

With a background in Management and Computer Graphic Design, I get immense joy from the opportunity to craft the Climber Property brand from the ground up. This creative freedom allows me to infuse my projects with innovative ideas, making each endeavour a unique expression of my skills and passion. Embracing the company’s culture of fostering independent thinking, I am empowered to contribute my knowledge and expertise, driving the success of the brand to new levels.

Growing up in a coastal city in Hainan, I’ve cultivated a profound love for the sea and a vibrant coastal culture. This fuels my curiosity to explore and appreciate the wonders of nature.

As an animal lover who appreciates quiet moments and embraces creativity, these qualities define my character. To unwind, I find solace in the comfort of my own room. It is a personal sanctuary where I can fully immerse myself in crafting, reading, introspection, or exploring my creativity. This is where I recharge myself and find inspiration, allowing me to bring fresh perspectives to my work. It is a space where I can reflect on my experiences, learn from them, and channel my energy into personal growth. 

“You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem.” serves as a constant reminder of my limitless potential and inner strength. It fuels my courage, determination and resilience in overcoming challenges and embracing growth.