Our people

Kelvin zuo

Facilities Manager

Originally from Suzhou, I’ve lived in Auckland, New Zealand, for over 22 years, and I call it my second hometown. My English name, Kelvin, was given by my English teacher in junior high school because the pronunciation is similar to my Chinese name.

With over 10 years of experience in the property management industry, I have accumulated a wealth of expertise in handling various matters concerning landlords, tenants, and coordinating repairs and maintenance. I take pride in consistently striving to excel in my role.

Responsible, easy-going, and characterised by integrity are three key words to describe myself best. Working at Climber Property, I enjoy an environment with easy communication, and talented colleagues who are always willing to help each other out. My firm belief is to always tell the truth and never cheat.

I have achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Massey University, as well as a New Zealand Diploma in Aviation (General Aviation) Level 5. Family is my fuel to keep me going, and I want to provide my family with a better life. During my leisure time, I enjoy riding motorbikes, flying planes (yes, I have a Personal Pilot License (PPL)), fishing, and spending time with family members.

I like all kinds of food, particularly favoring spicy dishes, with Chongqing hotpot ranking as my top choice. My favorite tea is Wulong tea.